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The CEO Legal Loft

5 Day Legal Bootcamp

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Ready to elevate your business game and keep things running smoothly? Get ready to conquer the pesky legal obstacles with this 5 day bootcamp.

With the right guidance and support, you'll be able to tackle those tasks with ease and confidence. Don't let the legal tasks hold you back from turning your business dreams into a magical reality.

Inside the bootcamp you'll:

  • Have tools to protect your original content so that you can prevent others from stealing or copying it without permission.
  • Discover this really simple way to let others know that this is your brand and you're protecting it
  • Discover how to protect your business from infringement lawsuits so that you can avoid costly legal battles that could damage your reputation and finances
  • Have the policy you need so that you can prevent chargebacks and disputes
  • Have the proper disclaimer to protect your business when you run sales 

If you already have The CEO Legal Kit you can skip this offer as many of the lessons overlap.



01. 5 lessons dripped over 5 days with actionable tasks that take 10 minutes or less to implement

02. 4 legal templates to accompany your action steps

Access Instructions

Once you checkout, you will receive an email with login details from Thrivecart Learn. If you already have an account on our course site, you can log in here.

This is a digital course. Nothing physical will ship.

5 day legal bootcamp to start legally protecting your online business
5 Day Legal Bootcamp

Customer Reviews

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Extremely Helpful for Basic Protections

The 5 Day Legal Bootcamp was extremely helpful to me to understand the differences between copyrights and trademarks and what protections they cover, as well as basic knowledge on protecting myself and my business from accidental infringement on either of these that are registered to other companies.
I also appreciate the information on what chargebacks are and how to protect my business from them, as well as the section on protecting my business if/when I run sales/deals/discount codes as I never thought I'd need protection for something like that, but now I know and can protect myself.
Lastly, I'm very grateful for the templates provided for things like a refund policy or copyright notice. Thank you so much for all the information and great resources!



    Each contract was written by a small business attorney and include written instructions so that you can customize the templates for your business. Because that contract that you copy and pasted from Google will get you into more trouble if you haven’t tailored it for your business.