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Legal Game Plan Checklists

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The Legal Game Plan Checklist your go-to checklist to take the mystery and stress out of the legal details of owning an online business.

This is great for beginner online business owners and also more experienced business owners who are finally ready to tackle the legal aspects of their online business.

✅ 8 checklists covering a vast range of legal components, from foundational requirements to niche areas like ADA website compliance, The Legal Game Plan ensures that no stone is left unturned. This thorough approach minimizes the risk of overlooking critical legal requirements, giving business owners peace of mind in an area that's often fraught with uncertainty.

✅ In the digital age, online business dynamics differ greatly from traditional brick-and-mortar operations. The Legal Game Plan is designed with the unique challenges and nuances of online business in mind, ensuring that owners are equipped to navigate the specificities of digital commerce, website protections, social media marketing, and beyond.

✅ Integrated into the user-friendly environment of Google Sheets, The Legal Game Plan not only serves as a guide but also as a progress tracker. As you complete each task, marking them off provides a tangible sense of accomplishment, helping reduce the overwhelm and stress associated with legal compliance. This interactive feature serves as a motivating factor, pushing business owners to diligently ensure all legal aspects of their operations are up to par.


8 checklists for starting a business inside of Google Sheets for the various legal components that the majority of online business owners must consider such as the legal foundation, social media marketing, website protection, ADA website compliance, and more

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Legal Game Plan Checklists



    Each contract was written by a small business attorney and include written instructions so that you can customize the templates for your business. Because that contract that you copy and pasted from Google will get you into more trouble if you haven’t tailored it for your business.